Tulane - This. Is. Jeff.

Tulane - This. Is. Jeff.

We were honored to win a 2017 Silver ADDY Award for this short film!  Read on to meet Jeff, the Admissions Director for Tulane University in New Orleans.

King Cake Festival

The whole crew was super pumped when we got the call from Team AD about capturing her performance at this year's King Cake Festival.  It's so funny how the right time and the right place make for the perfect opportunity!!

BELOW is a blurb from this extremely talented songstress, AMANDA DUCORBIER.

“Sing baby, just sing” is the quote from Amanda’s late father that she built her entire musical career around.

By the age of 17, Amanda’s musical resume included work with a range of musical powerhouses in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Some of her vocal influences range from artists such as Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse to Etta James and Billie Holiday. This singer/songwriter’s sound is best described as “power soul pop.”
— TEAM AD bio