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How did we get here?  

For each of us, it has been a remarkably different path.  Some common themes in each of our creative journeys include persistence and curiosity.  Our company is more than a brick and mortar shoppe selling apples and oranges, we're soulful personalities with an insatiable appetite to affect positive change in this world.


Janice loves the challenge of creating something tangible for our clients!  Her speciality is lighting / design and setting that in motion. It's great to have her back in New Orleans!! And watch for THIS in the future!

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Chances are you will meet Chris in a bright colored shirt...he has a colorful spirit and it shines through in his work.  He loves hearing live music and enjoying a good cigar any day of the week.  


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MaryClare is often known as "boss lady" around the studio, and she takes the title seriously.  While editing is her passion, she loves being on shoot and collaborating with new friends.  

New Orleans Videography

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Filmmaking is not work for us, it's life.  We have an absolute blast together!  Every once in a while, we grab a few drinks together and brainstorm.  To experience one of our team happy hour nights, watch our fun film below.

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2017 Addy Award Winner - educational film

2014 NYC Film Festival Winner (silver) - documentary film